Narrates the story of a zombie apocalypse that follows a group of survivors that are struggling to survive. They are lead by Nicolas, a Student at a University of Georgia. They travels throughout the country trying to save their lives and looking for a place they can live in peace and they will learn that the real danger are not the dead, but the living themselfs.


Macon - Georgia

Time LineEdit

The story takes place in late 2012. The story begins on December 21 2012. The day of the so called "end of the world" that never happened.


There will be three spinoff soon, the main story (Zombie Crisis) has been almost completed

Spinoff StoryEdit

The story of the spinoff is about a small group of survivors that got separated from the main group and now they have to face a most dangerous world by themselfs

this story will have crossovers from time to time with Zombie Crisis


Volume 1

Volume 2

  • TBA
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