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Xavier "Xavi" Aguilar is a lead character in Epiphany. A firefighter before the Plague and a deputy after it, Xavi has dedicated his life to serving his community. The loss of his daughter Darla upon their arrival to Glenley led to a wedge being put between him and his wife Kate. They severed their romance amicably. Never one to brag about himself, he gives all the credit for his successes to the people who have mentored and nurtured him--people who have put their faith in Xavi even when he couldn't find the faith in himself. This includes his harsh father, a sheriff, from whom Xavi learned his submissive nature. Often underestimated and disregarded because of his sheepish demeanor, Xavi surprises when the situation calls for him to step out from the shadows of his mentors, revealing himself to be an adept and solicitous leader. An air of malice hangs over him from his mysterious past, and a facade that he has spent a lot of time building begins to unravel around him.

Character DescriptionEdit

Xavier Aguilar stood at a respectable five foot eleven, but he always felt a lot smaller than he really was. His shirt tucked in, khaki pants pulled up to the hips, Xavi was the type to ensure perfection and uniformity in his actions at all cost. With his black hair worn short and his smile worn often with deep dimples aside it, Xavi had boyish-good looks but did not give off an intimidating or attention-grabbing vibe that someone in his position should have. He was much older than he looked, which often worked to his advantage. His stooped figure held a self-deprecating posture reeking of low confidence, a man undeniably and eternally subservient in behavior.


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  • Xavi is based on Kelvin Rivera, a main character from Eden Rising, of which Epiphany is a reimagining.
    • His story also borrows elements from Tom Snyder, another main character from Eden Rising.
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