Winnie Knapchuck

b. February 12, 2064 (18 y/o)


Anson Hou (boyfriend)
PJ Cassavoy (dependent)
Asher Bolio (friend)
Gray Bolio (friend)

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Britt Robertson


Winona "Winnie" Knapchuck is a lead character in Epiphany. Selfish and pampered her whole life, Winnie was protected from the outside world by her controlling, physically-and-verbally-abusive father, a city council member in the metropolis of New Venice. Fleeing alongside her older boyfriend Anson, Winnie entered a world she was not fully prepared to handle. Manipulative at her core, and naturally aggressive, she finds herself at odds and disliked by many other survivors. She has spent many days tanning and painting her nails instead of contributing. Anson has had to make many excuses for her, even though she's been an incredibly divisive personality among the community at the airport. Even he has reached his wit's end in dealing with her. Having been told her entire life that she could never amount to anything, being treated less-than by the people who have been supposed to love her and care for her, Winnie has twisted the words spoken against her and owned it. She now carries the mentality that if people think she's useless, she may as well be.

Winnie's journey forces her to learn how to care for others; taking responsibility for orphaned PJ acts as a conduit for that transformation. She holds great reverence for Gwen. Her growing friendships with Asher and Gray challenge this perspective and allow her to see a deeper value within. She takes desperate moves to prove her own worth to others--but ultimately, to herself.

Character DescriptionEdit

She was one of the few whose clothing stood out to him: colorful and stylish. She wore a strapless cropped tube top, with a frilly white skirt. She dressed as if she actually cared what people thought, and her clothes were free of scuff, grass or blood stains. The girl was thin and blonde, with a heart-shaped face and square jaw.


We must have taken different Survival 101 classes, moron. I've always been told you're supposed to run in the opposite direction of danger!

Winnie, to Asher


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  • Winnie is based on Winnie Reil, a main character from Eden Rising, of which Epiphany is a reimagining.
    • Her story also borrows elements from Manila Shea, another main character from Eden Rising.

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