Warversus apocalypse

A story created by Ramonce12345.

March 1, 2003, Sergeant Collins and Captain Williams are ordered by General Mullington to weaken their enemy. Objectives is to destroy the enemy facility to weaken it. After flying towards '''Moscow, the enemy called "The Reanimators" releases powerful B.O.W's (Bio Organic Weapon), making a great danger to the world, they must announce and destroy the problem to make the Earth safe.


Episodes of War Versus Apocalypse
Season 1 LostKnowledgeHomeSuppliesNew Place, New FriendsTrustAmbushed
Season 2 Finding Each OtherLockedRevealSupportFFallenThis Sorrowful LifeFinding for Something
Season 3 Running for FreedomPlan BFriendly KillerContactOn the WayGoodbyes
Special Episodes Meark IslandLootingNuke Ends All
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Characters of War Versus Apocalypse
Task Force: STALKER Drake CollinsJohn MoshudoLogan WilliamsColt WatsonBrian MillerDavid BlackburnBrock ReezeCross GriggsRock Deed
Gas Station Survivors Austin Miller
US Marines VillarMark Randall
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