Hey all. KP da admin here.

UFSW Active Stories!

I'm here to announce to everyone that an Active Stories Page is under construction. What is this, you ask?

This page will basically simplify the category of active stories in this wiki, gathering them all to one friendly list for everyone to see in the front page.

I thought of this idea so that all your stories can be more easily accessed by readers. Basically they'll be gathered in one page, and that page will be linked in the front page. Now, onto the format.


It's really simple, actually.

The page will be divided by author, much like the Stories page. Only this one will be more dressed up, and are exclusive to active stories only.

Each author section will list the stories they have written underneath. That story will have a quick summary for the reader to read, and see if they want to read it. Now, the summary part is really important, since it describes your story and helps the reader form an opinion.

Didn't get what the hell I just said? Do you learn better via visual stimulation? Then here's an example for ya!:


You, the Author

Of course, we can't do this all by ourselves. That's where you come in.

In the comments, please list your active story, and a summary that you think would interest the reader. The staff will promptly insert it on the page.

To moderate the addition of stories, new stories will have to wait a certain period of time for it to make it into the page.

We'll leave the page open for you to make edits, but keep in mind that it'll be heavily moderated.

And now, a message from Pops Capo, Super UFSW Janitor Overlord

"Seeing as the exposed stories will represent the Wiki, it's vital for its authors to maintain their pages, and update the story regularly. Otherwise the story will be removed from the list for the Wiki's sake. I believe two weeks of complete inactivity is the right period to remove the story, unless the chapters are published in a monthly basis (Or any period longer than two weeks). That being said, a story needs to be regularly updated to remain on the page."

-Pops, Super Janitor Overlord

Further Thoughts

If this blog gets buried down, and if you've got a new active story, just let us admins, or the janitor know. We'll be the ones authorizing the additions. As long you let us know, the story will make its way up there.

Again, a story's activeness is important. If it's inactive, it doesn't have a place on the front page. We usually give it about two weeks or more to see if a story is indeed active.

Questions? Concerns? Leave comments, or PM us.

Blog updates subject to be made.

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