As a writing community, I've come to notice the single genre we've set ourselves and how limited we are to it. I know at least two or more people here write on other genres aside from undead fiction. I thought one day how nice it would be to share your other work in a community that's already established, in hopes of sparking inspiration from another source. I'm partly announcing this in hopes that it will help the existing writers here, and maybe encourage other users to join us.

I think it's about time for us to not stick to the wiki's namesake too strictly--but we shouldn't just throw it aside, either. This wiki already has a fair share of mainstay zombie fiction, so now we hope to open the flood gates to other genres.

Non-Undead Stories

Non-undead stories will be implemented the same way as other stories. If you wish to clearly label the story, simply use this template. The following will be displayed:

Bookgraphic1 This is a non-undead story.

Alternatively, you can add the category Non-undead stories to the page. This category will be treated as the other story-related templates.

Genre limitations?

When I say "non-undead", I mean any story that doesn't include undead. It could be romance, comedy, drama... but keep it tasteful, please. Keep the audience you're hoping to share this in mind. We're simply expanding genres this time around, and blurring the "strictly undead" line to "undead if you want to". Same rules will still apply to these stories.

Who can write?

It doesn't matter if you're new, or have been here for a time; anyone can join in on the fun. Again, keep it tasteful, well-written, and polished. Apocalyptic or not, write and share.

Happy hunting, good luck, and have fun.

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