aka Omar Hernandez II

  • I live in downtown
  • My occupation is fry cook
  • I am black



me on the daily


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U Can't Touch This - Morgan Freeman

Blackest Spaniard in the East Side.

The Swag I OwnEdit


13 Days of Halloween - by ArakinTheWarden

The Story of How Asston Got Laid - by PBR

The Dead Alarm Clock - by KP

Dead Frontier - by Walkerbait22

The Bikini Bottom - by Johnno1995

The Life and Death of Reck Thum - by Infected

Fear The Bung da Booce - by Lee Everett

The Melting Pot - by Dixon

In a World Where David Andrews Finds Love - by Cperez13

Mr. Sir's Sunflower Seeds - KPmasta

Surviving, Not Living - by Headaches

Sin City - by Infected (again)

Racks on Racks Becuz Cameron Hale - Fitz

The Story of How One Man Got Laid by Bella - by Jamie (Reread)

To-Read ListEdit

Every mothafackin' story on this mathafacking wiki.

Swaggity Swag PeepsEdit

Note: Stories are in alphabetical order as well as the characters. Swagger is not discriminated.

A Long Road to FortuneEdit

  1. Asston
  2. Mimi
  3. Curly
  4. Dude Playing A Dude Disguised as Another Dude
  5. Liza Cabrera
  6. King Saul
  7. Yellow-Spotted Lizard
  8. Sergeant Mendoza

Dead FrontierEdit

  1. Adam
  2. Alec
  3. Billie the Girl
  4. Cole
  5. Indian Curry
  6. Dwight
  7. Lienne
  8. Loosey
  9. Robbie Done Shot Me

Eden RisingEdit

  1. the Flash
  2. Ash
  3. Biker Guy
  4. Elijah
  5. Red Riding Hood
  6. Kelvin
  7. LeWyet & Tate 4ever
  8. Manila my Vanilla
  9. Y u so Evil Leigh
  10. Clint Eastwood
  11. Wolf Angelo

Surviving, Not LivingEdit

  1. hero girl wilson
  2. hero boy wilson
  3. scary guy
  4. the twin
  5. silent but deadly
  6. Magneto

... and basically every farm survivor, including Pervert Pete

The Dead WorldEdit

  1. Token White Guy
  2. She's Wilde
  3. Bella Be Hella Bait's
  4. Unlimited Ammo Hacker
  5. Akimbo Lady
  6. Ur Face Be Gone
  7. Albert Einstein
  8. Big Man Deserves Big KFC
  9. He speaks, well spoke, with his tongue
  10. The Dude Who Hit the Hay with Bella



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