There are some simple rules on this wiki that apply to every other wiki. Every User is expected to abide by these rules; if not, consequences will follow.

  • Absolutely no vandalism.
  • Absolutely no stories revolving around or pertaining to sexual nature.
  • Stories don't necessarily have to be about the undead. For more information, click here.
  • NO disrespectful behavior; this means no hostility or rudeness towards any other user.
  • No users are allowed to edit other authors' stories without permission or agreement from the original author.
  • You can type your stories directly into the wiki, or copy and paste your existing story by going to "Source" mode while editing your page.
  • No plagiarizing other authors' work.
  • Be sure to add your name and submissions to the Stories page so your stories can be seen on record. We expect writers to place their story on the following page themselves. If not, they will only hurt themselves.
  • If your pages don't follow the rules, or you refuse to clean your pages up, they are at risk of being deleted. Click here for instructions on how to organize your pages, or ask an admin.
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