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  • Whoever is writing about themself in the issue cannot make themselves god. There will be a random choose of an issue for when it will be a death issue. The person that wants the issue to be there centric issue will have to be the first to say they want it. However, you may be unlucky and choose the death issue, and I will tell you in PM that you have chosen a death issue and you must make your character die depending on the situation that the characters are currently in.
  • No whining or spoiling it when you get a death issue, the whole point of it is to have fun and get lucky.
  • If you're dead, you're dead. No rejoining your account back into the story, and after you die you won't be able to write for the story anymore because you're dead.
  • No signing out and making a new fake account just to get back into the story.
  • Whoever doesn't have time to write there centric issues, you can tell another person to write it for you, and tell them what you want to happen.
  • If you were the one that choosed to be centric POV for next issue and the issue isnt written in about a month, someone else will write it for you.
  • Your issue don't have a length limit. They could be short, long, medium. They just need to be at least two paragraphs long.
  • If you are writing one of your issues, you can injure you character if you want even if it isn't a death issue, and you can injure someone else in your issue, but only if you have their permission.
  • If you die in the story, later on you can come back as another character, but you can only do this once.


Arc 1Edit

Issue 1 (Written/POV by WalkerMage102)

Issue 2 (Written/POV By Crosider)

Issue 3 (Written/POV by Fitz0021)

Issue 4 (Written/POV by Rick123Axel)

Issue 5 (Written/POV By Lee Everett)

Issue 6  (Written/POV By TheInfected)

Issue 7 (Written By KuT IGNORE THIS ISSUE)

Issue 8 (Written/POV by Kaffe4200)

Issue 9 (Written/POV By Gerardthemighty)

Issue 10 (Written/POV By WalkerMage102)

Arc 2Edit

Issue 11 (Written/POV By TheFlyingDutchman)

Issue 12 (Written/POV by Daryl Maylam)

Issue 13 (Written/POV By Lee Everett)

Issue 14 (Written/POV By WalkerMage102)

Issue 15 (Written By'POV Dixonlovessquirells)

Issue 16 (Written/POV by KuT)

Issue 17 (Written/POV by Fitz0021)

Issue 18  (Written/POV by Walkerbait22)

Issue 19 (Written/POV by TheInfected)

Issue 20 (Written/POV by Gerardthemighty)

Issue 21 (Written/POV by Crosider)

Issue 22 (Written/POV by Lee Everett)

Arc 3Edit

Issue 23 (Written/POW By TheInfected)

Issue 24 (Written/POV By KuT)

Issue 25 (WrittenPOV By TheFlyingDutchman)

Issue 26 (Written/POV By TheInfected)

Issue 27 (Written/POV By Walker456l)

Issue 28 (Written By WalkerMage102)

Issue 29  (Written/POV By TheInfected)

Issue 30 (Written/POV By PBR Sharpshoot)

Arc 4Edit

(This arc opens up a whole new Chapter with Fitz as the main protagonist alongside Dutch, Zain, George, and Pbr as the main villain.)

Issue 31 (POV TheFlyingDutchman)

Issue 32 (POV PBRSharpshoot)

Issue 33

Issue 34

Issue 35

Issue 36

Issue 37

Issue 38

Issue 39

Issue 40

Arc 5Edit

(At some point this arc will introduce "The Wolves", original characters who will serve as antagonists for the story/

Issue 41 

Issue 42 

Issue 43 

Issue 44 

Issue 45 

Issue 46 

Issue 47 

Issue 48 

Issue 49 

Issue 50

Arc 6Edit

Issue 51

Issue 52

Issue 53

Issue 54

Issue 55

Issue 56

More Coming Soon...

Character/Member PageEdit

See UFSW Member Apocalypse/Characters

The Cast (Spoilers)Edit

Main CastEdit

(Note: Just because you are not in the main cast does not mean that you are bound to die, and being in the main cast does not mean that you are invincible.)

Fitz0021 (Alive)

TheFlyingDutchman (Alive)

Mayor Zain (Alive)

George Everett (Alive)

PBR Sharpshoot (Alive)

KnowledgeProspecter (Alive)

Hallowseve15 (Alive)

TheInfected (Deceased)

WalkerMage102 (Deceased)

Lee Everett (Deceased)

X3picWarfareX (Deceased)

WalkerBait22 (Deceased)

Gerardthemighty (Unknown)

Supporting CastEdit

Crosider (Unknown)

Kaffe4200 (Deceased)

Rick123Axel (Deceased)

Dixonlovessquirels (Alive)

KuT (Deceased)

Daryl Maylam (Deceased)

Guests/Minors/Non UsersEdit

Maxwestt (Deceased)

August (Deceased)

Joe (Alive)

Jessica (Alive)

Elsa (Alive)


  • The story is expected to run for at least 50-60 issues.
  • After about a year of inactivity, WalkerMage102 decided to pick up the story and finish it on his own.
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