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The Undead Fan Stories Wiki Hunger Games, or UFSWHG for short, is a story written by TheInfected, with KnowledgeProspector and Walkerbait22 being co-writers during season 1. The story features various stories and characters from the Wiki.

For the Season 1 blog, click here.

For the Season 2 blog, click here.


Characters from the various stories on UFSW have been sucked into an alternate universe and are forced to compete in a fight to the death in a Hunger Games style arena that is, of course, filled with the undead. The last character standing wins.



In the epilogue to Season 2, the top 7 and their companions from both Season 1 and 2 appear. Each have a scene where they are back in their own universe, where they have fractured memories of the games, and think of them has a weird dream. The following contestants that appear are:


UFSW Hunger Games received the following wins and nominations in UFSW's 2013 Winter Awards.



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