Biographical Information
Full Name: Tracey
DOB: Unknown
Age: Early 30s
Status: Unknown
Death: N/A
Cause of Death: N/A
Affiliation: The Specifics
Occupation: Unknown
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Romances: Unknown
Other Information
First appearance: "Issue 20"
Last appearance: "N/A"
Portrayed by: Alexandra Breckenridge
Created by: AmazingPurry
Theme: None
"Don’t get worked up over it, what’s done is done."
—Dead Weight/Issue 20
Tracey is a supporting character first introduced in Issue 20 of Dead Weight. She is a member of The Specifics and friend to Sam and Alison.


Not much is known about Tracey before the apocalypse, it is mentioned by Vicky that she has to take anxiety medication.

Dead WeightEdit

Tracey comforts Sam after Alison's death and it is mentioned by Vicky to Sally that she requires anxiety medication which The Specifics are running low on stock for.[1] When Abreham arrives at The Specifics with the rest of his group, he is found speaking to Tracey by Tanya, who thinks he's flirting with her.

After Connor's death, Tracey's fate is left unknown.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies




  1. Issue 22

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