Torben Ving is a character from The Sewers.



Almost nothing is known about Torben's life prior to the outbreak. It is known that he lived in Pennystown, and lead the Pennystown Supplies.


Arc 1 - Fear Edit

At some point Torben met up with the other survivors, and fled to the sewers. Torben was one of the men who didn't shot the zombies from the herd. After Andy beat up Brad Torben watched Brad, and made sure that nobody would hurt him, or that he would escape.

Torben participated in the shootout between the Sewer group and Alfreds gang, in which he was fatally hurt. He asks Andy to give mercy and end his suffering.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Killed byEdit

As mercy, Andy kills Torben.







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