Issue 7 - Is There Anyone Out There?Edit

Written on 24th November 2020

I am starting to feel like I'm the only person alive in this god forsaken city, just me and my dog Sam are all I see everyday for the past couple of months now. No survivors are alive because they have no safe places to stay due to most buildings being damaged by the city wide missile sent to postpone the undead after the white house fell.

Hoping that it would clear one of the major cities for survivors to gather together at rebuild civilisation but all it did was make it worse destroying buildings and shops and other things like that and it only made more zombies from some of the survivors.

Anyway the last person I was around about 5 months ago and he said he heard rumours about a safe area and he was going to go to that city hoping that the safe area was still was still open and that if he ever saw anything he would ask someone to collect me and I passed on the opportunity because of this being where I lived for the past few decades.

But now I'm all alone I wish I took that option but I know that people like that man would be safe as long as I kept working on that cure. I just hope found what he wanted and that he is safe.


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