Issue 8 - Juniper Berry CakeEdit

Written on 24th November 2013 (7 Months Before Outbreak)

Today was the best day ever finally after waiting forever for my birthday it was finally here and it was the best not only did I get breakfast in bed but I also got lovely presents like a box set of my favourite TV show Star Trek but not only that Reggy made me a present it was a mug that said "To my AMZNG Ded Rggy" I kissed him on the forehead and gave my wife and headed to work.

When I arrived at work they all remembered it was my birthday so they threw a surprise party and I got a Juniper Berry Cake made by one of co-workers Jerry's Wife I asked him to thank her for me and the party was really amazing and so after about 3 to 4 hours of partying we headed back to work on the cure for Ca.... (It's crossed out) a certain disease and then the time flew past and by the time I looked at the clock it was 6:30 and I needed to head home so I said goodbye to everyone and headed home.

Almost like an instinct my wife knew what exactly what I wanted Reggy was in bed and she changed up the living room to look like a private screening room and we just got up close and watched the marathon of marvel films.

I love my wife and son and I hope they stay with me forever.

(There are wet parts of the pages probably tears).

End of Issue 8 Edit

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