Issue 6 - Making ProgressEdit

Written at June 4th 2019

It's taken some time but I'm ready to try my first dose of the cure on a live subject who became infected quite a while back but the body hasn't decayed at all meaning they were infected quite recently.

Judging by the things he had in his pockets his name was Finn Jacobs, he was a blood and organ doner, he also appears to be in his mid to late twenties. The time is 12:17 and I have injected the first serum of the cure into his body and it seems it hasn't taken any immediate affect but I wouldn't expect any less from my first test on the infected.

The time is now 2:17 and now it seems like it's making some progress he seems to remember everyday objects such as a phone and mp3 player but he still hasn't shown any physical changes but at least his brain activity has become somewhat better but it still isn't good enough. I have written what it has taken me to develop this cure.

Complex Formula
Hopefully you will understand this if not then follow my notes at the back of the book to find the elements and liquids I used and it should be somewhat simple for you now.

Time is now 2:45 and the subject body has started moulting it's skin and it's starting to show the bone meaning that this is a failed attempt due to the body not staying intact. It is now 3:15 and the zombie has now completely moulted it's body but it is still alive with it's brain still being in it's skull allowing it to still stay somewhat alive this is fascinating the undead don't require other vital organs to stay alive.

Time is now 3:20 I had to put down the zombie even if it was amazing to watch it was a failed attempt meaning that I need to continue working on the cure.

End of Issue 6Edit

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