Issue 5 - Changed Lives Can Change a ManEdit

Written on September 20th 2024

Ten Years, Ten Years, I had been trying to find a cure I lost people I loved my wife Rebecca and my son Reggy and I couldn't do anything to save them even after they became infected I had to put them down but then I grew into a state of depression how could I keep on living in a world of the living dead I had no one left.

Then one day a dog was being hurt by people thinking as him being food I mustered up my courage and stood up to them knowing that my wife would have done the same the people were strong but I fended them off long enough for the dog to escape and then I said to them "Kill me I have nothing to live, KILL ME I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR" but all they did was stare at me and then they just laughed and said "You will left here there is nothing worse then grieving if you wanted to die you would have already killed yourself" and then the men turned around and started walking of and I shouted as loud as I could until they left the street "KILL ME, I SAID FUCKING KILL ME" I collapsed on the floor crying and headed back to my house to delve in my sadness and then near the end of the day I was woken up by something sleeping on me.

It was dog I rescued even if I did feel suicidal it was like the dog made me feel better some how I smiled for the first time since after they my family died and started to cry happy tears "maybe it won't be that hard to grieve any more" I thought as I drifted off to sleep smiling as the dog stayed asleep on me "I think I'll call you Sam" I said quietly as I finally went to sleep.

End of Issue 5 Edit

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