Issue 4 - Old Ruins of The Black Dust GangEdit

Written on September 12th 2024

Near the 2 year mark of the apocalypse there was a group called the Black Dust Gang they were a big group at least 20 of them quiet big for a group in this times due to most group falling apart due to a traitor in them or one hide the fact they were infected but either way they survived the longest out out of all the survivors I saw around they the city I was even invited a couple of times to join them but I declined to survive because they really didn't have the best methods at surviving by eating whatever wasn't infected that means out of date food and all those things in the bins/trash

They were nearly all killed when a massive horde went through the neighbourhood killing roughly 10 of them I think the rest of them left the city because I never found there bodies or walking corpses for that matter I wonder if they were still alive now but considering how big they were unless they found a way to keep food around and clean water they probably couldn't last more than 5 years after the outbreak.

I hope they are still alive then at least if I leave the city then I know there are people I know still alive.

End of Issue 4Edit

Note to readersEdit

First issue after writer's block so go easy on criticism but some would still be nice.

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