Issue 3 - RottersEdit

Written on August 30th 2024

It has been many years have passed since the outbreak so the deados from infected before 2 years ago have started to rot making them easier to kill. By now you have seen a few the skin has slowly started to reveal the bones which are yellow and the eyes are red the colour of pure evil but don't underestimate them, they are smarter so if you walk up on them they will sense you are there and they might possibly kill you...

I set down the old tattered journal which I had been writing the bios of the many undead, I placed the feather quill into the inkwell and went to sleep in the ruined mattress I called my bed.

The next morning I was awoken by Sam howling because he couldn't see the sun due to the curtains being drawn, I stood up and pulled them to the side revealing the blinding sunlight "Okay you can stop now" I said to Sam to stop him from howling (which attracts deados) and thank god he seized. Another day at trying to find a cure for the few that were still alive, I grabbed my normal gear and set off.

As I went outside another building collapsed "That's the second one this week" I muttered under my breath and there would probably be more soon knowing how long they have been standing. I decided not to dwell on it and just continue walking to my lab and just before I got there a bloody rotter jumped out of nowhere and tried to attack me as I was trying to hold it's mouldy face off me while trying to reach for my knife it's jaw fell onto my chest that's probably the seventh time that's happened to me and I reached my knife and pulling it out to impale the rotter's head making black blood squirt out.

With the rotter dead I continued to the lab.


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