Issue 2 - 9 Years AgoEdit

Written on July 20th 2015

I am keeping this journal in case I die before the cure was made and if anyone finds this they will know how to somewhat make a cure.

A couple of months after the outbreak started, by then I was the only member of my family left and I joined a group of former and current CDC scientists who were working to find a cure for the disease, as instructed by Zach Hammond, the recent President of the United States.

It was unfortunate he ordered for Washington DC to be destroyed to contain the infection sacrificing himself and the survivors inside Washington but it didn't help as it left a few infected who were still alive.

Little was known after the 1 year mark we lost communication to the outside world , the world was plunged into chaos. No government, no law and no cure as of yet we weren't going to stop attempts of saving the humans from this unknown disease. After a couple of months it was only me left working on the cure because of the scientists left to go look for their families and fellow survivors. First was Robert Neville, next was Mark Bradson, then Jacob Temple and finally Frank West. I knew there was no point for me to leave because I had no family left.

Well now you know why I am the last person alive in this city, many years had passed since then and there was never survivors that I heard shout or scream, only the many groaning of the empty shells of the people who once thought that we would never be in danger...... They were wrong!!!


  • There are many references to characters from Video Games like:
  • Frank West (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2: Case West and Off The Record)
  • Jacob Temple (The Engineer Who Logs You Hear in Dead Space Then Who Gets Killed In Front Of You)
  • Robert Neville (I Am Legend Main Character)
  • Mark Bradson (Dead Rising 2:Case West and Off The Record)
  • Zach Hammond (Dead Space)
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