Issue 10 - Old EnemiesEdit

Written 23rd July 2021

About a year ago I recorded a tape of my second test of the cure I had been developing for nearly 6 year at that point but little did I know I would make the world even more dangerous place by making a new form of infected which I now call Brute.

He was my second test subject for the cure but instead of curing him from the virus it accelerated the growth of the virus in it's systems growing extra layers of it's skin and causing it to have advanced muscle growth causing it to be larger than it was originally.

I even found out that gunshots don't effect the brute as it just absorbs them like putty it's crazy after leaving it after getting it out of my lab so I could continue developing the cure, I visited the place where I last saw it and it seems that it have advanced intelligence than any zombie even to go as far as to writing things on walls.

I believe that I have created a monster and I have to put it down as soon as possible otherwise there is no way of saving the human race if the creature is still evolving.

End of Issue 10 Edit

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