This Is My Story/Issue 1: All AloneEdit

My name is Doctor David Blue I am a surviving member of the CDC and I'm trying to make a cure for the disease which ravaged the world.

August 13th 2024

I woke up like any other day in the new world, I woke myself up and my dog Sam, I looked out the ruined window to the abandoned city with the many undead that had been infesting this town for nearly 10 years. I grabbed two clean bowls out of the cupboard and filled one with corned beef to give to Sam and my one I filled with freshly cut carrots, as I finished the tasty food I made my way to my lab on the other side of the city to continue the work on the cure.

Me and Sam walked down the street that I used quite often to avoid the undead and as I was shocked to find one in the vicinity, I approached the rotting corpse and I impaled the disgusting devil with my Bowie knife I had grown attached to.

I continued onward towards my destination, as I approached my rather small lab I opened the door with the slightly rusted key which I used for years and walked inside.

When I was inside I put Sam in the caged off area round the back which seemed to work quite well and left him some toys to play with, when I got back inside I looked at the picture of my wife Rebecca and my son Reggy. With a slight smile and a few tears I continued my work to find the cure.

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