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There Will Be Blood is an original story written by Sabby <3. The story is a murder mystery set in Los Angeles, California, where the members of UFSW are among those attending a writer's convention.

The story will contain fictional characters (such as Danny's girlfriend, or Pops Capo), and real people including users from around the wiki.

Plot Edit

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The year is 2015. It is the 16th World Creativity Convention, an awards ceremony for authors, game developers, fashion designers and many other artists. This year, the UFSW Community have been invited to attend the ceremony.

It seems like the perfect opportunity for a community of writers. But that all changes with a murderer on the loose.

For a detailed explanation of well, everything: The World Creativity Convention.

Characters Edit

See There Will Be Blood Characters (contains spoilers). Characters based off of real people may have differences in age or location etc. Aspects such as gender, sexuality and race will not be changed.

As there is a large cast, only named characters with two or more appearances will be featured here.

Every issue will feature at least one death.

Issues Edit

  1. The Convention - June 18th, 2015
  2. A Controversial Affair - November 2015
  3. Time of Death - November 2015
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