This page is dedicated to interviews blah, blah, blah. This page will be spiced up lata, but here is first interview.

Interview One, TheInfected (The Phoenix Series)[edit | edit source]

This interview was my first one, and I'm excited for how it turned out! I apologies for the echo which was fully my fault, but Danny, and myself both believe there's some good moments worth listening to; and stick towards the end, because beautiful stuff happens. This interview covers all stories in The Phoenix Series, including Extinction, Sin City, and Endangered.

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uploaded: 10/3/15

Interview Two, PBR Sharpshoot (UFSW Mexico)[edit | edit source]

This is the second interview, where I interview my devious brotha PBR. I apologies for some parts may sound choppy, but the internet isn't perfect. Besides that, this interview was fun, and my boy got to showcase his singing skills; but other than his beautiful singing skills we covered over his two stories, and a spin-off which includes: A Long Road to Fortune, Haunted Castle, and the spin-off Wild World.

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uploaded: 10/11/15

Interview Three, Vauseman[edit | edit source]

This is the third interview where I interview Vauseman. This interview was extremely fun much like the others; and the best part is, we get to here Vauseman sing and rap!!! #HYPE. But in this we cover over his three stories, The New Nationals, Paradise Lost, and City of Angels, and as we'll discuss how his old stories have improved him as the writer he is today.

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uploaded: 10/15/15

Interview Four, John...O1995[edit | edit source]

This is the fourth interview where John is interviewed by Danny. This was my first time interviewing and I had a ball doing it! It hard doe, damn, idk how Mali does this. We sing Christmas songs and shii so yee enjoy! The story we cover is Epiphany and how Eden Rising ties into it.

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uploaded: 11/8/15

Interview Five, Fitzzzz[edit | edit source]

In this interview, we interview my boy James! This time Mali is back, and Danny did such a wonderful job but you guys have to deal with my un-professional ways :(. We cover both stories, Stranded, and Anguish and Desire! And James gives the most amazing motivational speech to ever be made!

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uploaded: 11/14/15

Interview Six, KPimp[edit | edit source]

In this interview, we interview the admin KP himself. This is the most ghetto turned whitest podcast to date in history. We cover over both of his stories, Dead Awakened, and Apocalypse Life. KP also shows off his beautiful rapping/singing skills which you should listen to !

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uploaded: 11/21/15

Interview Seven, Mali[edit | edit source]

In this interview, the tables are turned and the host is interviewed! Danny has returned for his special occasion! We cover his stories Kingdom of Bones and Misfits, with brief mentions of Beyond The Dead. We had a load of fun and you will get to see the first recorded UFSW Theater with Batman! It was split into two parts cuz fucking Mali's computer froze. PART 1 =
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PART 2 =
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uploaded: 11/26/15

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