This is issue 7 of The Sewers.

Issue 7[edit | edit source]

"For the first time in years, it felt honest to use the name 'zombies'" - Rod Argent

"Why are they shooting?" The short haired cafeteria owner asks. As Neil and Tucker is keeping watch in the quiet end of the sewer, the rest is at the drain, looking at the zombies approaching.
A deal that was made early on, was that the men keeping watch should avoid using the guns; Andy states that it would attract more zombies. Though nobody knows, they're using melee weapons just in case. And then their stash of ammo is very limited. So is their guns; three .22 Anshütz, one .55 Marling, Andy's 5.5 Tritan Hunter and two Glock 19. That leaves the survivors with four rifles and two pistols, and a minimal amount of them know how to use guns.
"Dunno. Don't care." Tucker sighs, looking into the wall. He has given up all hope, and thinks that everyone is going to die soon.
"What's with you, Tucker?" Neil turns around. The .55 Marlin is his hands. Neil is one of the few survivors with experience in shooting, as he often went hunting with Ethan. Ethan might be the person in the world with the most hobbies; golf, hunting, his garden, stamps, comics.
"What?" Tucker closes his eyes for a second, then turns to Neil. The .22 Anshütz is laying on the car's roof, right next to Tucker.
"I mean you being so... so pesimistic. That's not like you, Tucker. You used to be a happy, caring father. You used to do anything for your kids." Neil pants, his body pumps with adrenaline. This might be the first time Neil has given anyone a peptalk. He always tries to stay neutral in discussions, and never talks down to people. "Your kids need you, Tucker! You have to protect your kids!"
At first, Tucker is just as shocked as Neil, but then his eyes closes for a few seconds. As he opens them again, tears is to be seen on his cheek. "They have Diane... And Timmy."
"For gods sake, Tucker. Timmy is just a kid. He can't even fire a gun. Neither can Diane." Neil is still panting, and now staring at Tucker, who has his eyes filled with tears.
There is quiet in their part of the sewer for a few moments. The silence is broken by running footsteps. Both Tucker and Neil turns around to see Cole.
"Neil..." Cole pants and stops a few meters from the two cars, on which Tucker and Neil is sitting. "We need you at the drain."
"What's going on?" Neil asks as he jumps down from the car with the Marlin in his hand.
"The zombies are coming." Cole says, still panting.

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