This is Issue 40 of The Sewers.

Issue 40Edit

"If music be the food of love, play on. " - William Shakespeare

"We're dead."
"You're gonna be fine." Brandon says trying to stop the pressure on Bernie's wound, when another firing arrow falls down and sets fire to the pellets.
"If..." Nique begins to the man. "If you kill us, you will never know where our base are."
Brandon looks at Nique. "No. We're not telling him. He is not taking anyone."
"He's gonna kill us, man." Nique says and gets up, showing himself, pistol hulstered. "I'm cool, buddy!" Nique yells.
The man appears and looks at Nique. "Come over here, then."
Nique looks at Brandon, as another arrow falls down, hits Bernie's shoulder. Brandon crawls away from the fire, and begins to run towards Pennystown City.
Nique walks towards the man, hands raised. Another man knocks Nique down from behind.

Andy, Bill, Liam, Cole, Charlie and Alan are currently hiding in some bushes near the supermarket.
"Listen, now." Andy whispers. Due to the light inside the supermarket, there must be living people inside. "Liam, Cole. You two go with me inside, via the backdoor. Bill, Charlie, Alan. You go inside from the front. Kill any people inside."
They all nods and begins to head inside the supermarket.
The first thing Andy, Liam and Cole sees are a bald, black man smoking near the back door. He has an assault rifle of some kind on his hip. Without thinking further about it, Andy shoots the air gun and hits him in the eye. The black man falls down instantly.
"Now we sure can't talk with them." Liam murmurs as they approach the building.
"Shut up." Andy whispers and slowly opens the door to the building.
"Bart? Is it you? We're back. We have a prisoner." A voice yells from the other end of the hallway. When the figure realizes it isn't Bart, he takes his pistol and shoots, not hitting anything. Cole fires his crossbow, killing the man instantly. Another man appears. He sees the corpse and draws his gun. Before any of the three survivors get to react, they are all knocked down from behind.
The last thing Liam hears are: "They fucking killed them! They killed Bobby and Bart!"

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