This is Issue 39 of The Sewers.

Issue 39Edit

"After a storm comes a calm." - Matthew Henry

"Allright. Brandon, Neil, Bernie, Nique; you four goes to the construction site. There was no zombies last time we went there. I'll take Bill, Liam, Cole, Charlie and Alan to the supermarket. The rest of you; I need you guys to stay here and keep watch. Everyone's good with that?"
Andy is splitting out the roles for the two supply runs. He has been in charge of security, while Seth is in charge for medication, Noelle for food, Ringo for power and so on.
"Let's go then." Andy says and takes his Tritan Hunter on his back.

As Brandon, Neil, Bernie and Nique arrives to the construction site they see a pile of dead zombies. The supply team had probably killed them and just threw them all in a pile.
"Man, that stinks." Nique says and covers his nose in his jacket.
"Yea, let's get outta here." Neil says, and opens the fence to the construction site.
"Stop right fucking there!" A calm, yet threatening voice says.
Without hesitation, Neil turns around, pistol raised at the recently shaved man.
"Who are you?" Neil asks, as the other three turns around and points their gun at the man as well.
"Oh, it doesn't matter who i am." The man says and smiles. "Fire it up!" He yells.
Neil looks around. Nothing happens to his left. Neither to his right. But when he looks in front of him, he sees a arrow with fire in, headed towards his head. He dodges just in time, causing the fire arrow to hit Bernie in the stomach.
"Bernie!" Nique cries out and fires a shot towards the man. He dodges the shot and takes up his own pistol. Firing arrows is flying down by the survivors.
"Fuck! Get outta here!" Neil yells and turns around. He sees Brandon trying to put out the fire that has cought Bernie, Nique is hiding behind a stack of pallets, trying to shoot the man. Neil turns around again, to see where he can run to, but a firing arrow hits him right between the eyes, causing him to die instantly.
"Give up already." The man shouts from behind a truck. "You're as good as dead."
"What do you want from us?" Bernie asks, loud enough for the man to hear it. Brandon managed to put out the fire and he is now carrying him over to Nique.
"Oh, that's simple." The man says. "I want your women."

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