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Issue 37Edit

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." - Mark Twain

"Keep it quiet." Timmy mutters and steps aside, allowing the supply-team to leave the sewer through the cars.
It has been five months since Hunter held his speech. In the meantime, the survivor's base had been improved. On the left side of the sewer, a brick wall is standing every third meter, allowing people to have a private room. Actual toilets are placed in the other end of the sewer, far away so the base won't stink.
Currently the construction team are working on a wall in the canal, leading the dropping-infected water out of another drain.
The supply-team, containing Andy, Bill, Liam and Cole, goes through the two cars, out on the steel sidewalk.
"What do we need?" Bill says under his breath, following Andy, who is holding a 12 gauge hunting shotgun.
"Firewood." Andy whispers, hasting up to the bridge, crowded with abandoned cars.
"Forrest?" Bill whispers, eyes nervously scanning the bridge. A zombie is approaching from the other side of the bridge.
Cole takes up a dull machete and hulsters his .22 Luger. Without any words, he hastes over to the zombie and places the machete in the zombie's skull.

Hunter is sitting in his 'room', on a lawn chair, elbows on a wooden desk, head dropped, eyes closed. Having to take care of 21 survivors can easily tear on you. In the past five months, Hunter has turned away two groups of survivors and three lonely survivors.
"Boss?" A voice said, waking up Hunter.
Hunter opened his eyes and looked. Halfway on the bridge, basically just a plank, Hansi were standing.
"Hello, Hansi." Hunter got up and allowed Hansi to enter the 3x3 meter room. "How can i help you?"
"It's Lisa... She told me something." Hansi says and sits down on the bed, which is a coffee table with bed sheets.
"Yes?" Hunter says with a nervous look.
"She told me..." Hansi looks at his lap. Greasy jean, soaked with sewer-water. "Hunter, your wife is pregnant."

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