This is Issue 36 of The Sewers.

Issue 36Edit

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” - Carl W. Buechner

"Hey, you found them?" Hansi says in a happy tone as the group from the Military Base returns to the Sewers.
Hansi quickly realizes that something is wrong, and as he looks at the survivors he sees that somebody is missing. He looks at Hunter who just nods as he heads to his wife.
"Anything happened while we were gone?" Ringo asks Hansi. Along with Bernie, he sits down on the car on which Hansi is sitting as well.
"You bet." Hansi says. "Tucker, Diane and Torben's dead. Three new guys." Hansi then looks at Ringo and asks: "Where's the korean chick?"
Ringo sighs. "Ying-Ma is... Kinda dead." He says, obviously sad.
"Oh... I'm sorry, man." Hansi says and lays a hand on Ringo's shoulder.

Next to a pallet containing bricks, Andy is standing with closed eyes. His mind is racing through everything from his childhood till today. Mostly, he is thinking about Brad, and how he just shot him.
"Anything's wrong?" The woman asks soft. Noelle is standing in front of Andy, only wearing a tank-top and a skirt.
Andy opens his eyes and studies the woman's body before closing them again.
"It's too cold for you not wearing more than that." Andy says in a cold tone.
Noelle walks closer to Andy and ends up leaning on him.
"What's the matter?" Noelle asks as she unzips Andy's pants.
Without any words, Andy kisses Noelle and the two of them, hidden behind the pallet, has sex.

"Hi. I'm Wayne." The brown haired IT-guy says, as he sits down next to Ethan and Charlie.
"Hi, Wayne. I'm Ethan." Ethan says and smiles. "You're here with Alan and the german one?"
Wayne nods and looks at Charlie. "Indeed."
Charlie looks at Wayne for a moment, before realizing what Wayne wants. "Charlie." Charlie simply says.

After surviving in the Sewers for two months, Liam finally realizes something. He is no longer scared of the zombies. He is no longer afraid. He knows that if he want to survive, he can't be scared. And with these thoughts, Hunter gathers everybody in the Sewers and begins to talk.
"We have lost people. People we love and people we hate. We will loose more people. We will never know who is next, but one of us is. That's for sure." Hunter begins. "But we can't just give up. Maybe i'll die tomorrow, but i will do anything i can, not to!"
Everybody is quiet as Hunter says the final words.
"We're no longer waiting, people. We're no longer just sitting here doing nothing. From now on... We're surviving."

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