This is Issue 35 of The Sewers.

Issue 35Edit

“There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or an opera diva.” - Josh Groban

"Holy... Shit!" The blonde guy with ADHD whispers from inside the bus. As the herd i coming towards the group, everybody i hiding, preparing their weapons and praying.
"What is it, daddy?" The little girl, Nina, asks her dad, who is looking through a window of the bus.
"It's... Nothing, honey. Just stay quiet." Neil whispers and loads his revolver.

A few minutes goes by, before the zombies realizes that there is someone inside the bus. They slowly tries to get inside.
"What do we do?!" Cole says loud as he is trying to secure the door.
"We can do this!" The german man, Wolfgang, says as he takes over for Cole. Cole then heads to the driver's door to secure that one.
"Everybody, just relax!" Hunter says as he breaks a window with his elbow. "We can just take them out with the guns."
A kid's scream can be heard from behind Hunter. Everybody looks at the terrifying look; a zombified Lillian, eating her daughter.
Neil, who currently is helping securing the doors, runs towards his zombified wife, but is stopped by Ringo.
"Lillian! Lillian!" Neil shouts, tears in his eyes.
As Nina's screams dies, Nina dies too, and everybody is looking, with fear in their eyes, as Lillian is eating Nina.
Liam closes his eyes and then takes up his .38 Special S&W. He loads it; two rounds. As he walks past Ringo and Neil, Neil closes his eyes and gets down on his knees. He begins to pray. Just like Tucker did.
"You don't have to do this, Liam." Hunter says, as Liam aims the revolver at Neil's wife's head.
"Yes... I do." Liam says, a second before a shot penetrates Lillian's skull. The zombie falls down over Nina's body. Liam the aims the revolver at Nina's head and a shot penetrates her head.
Seth is sitting down, looking at the herd. Without any words he takes up a rifle and begins to shoot the zombies.
This action is followed by Bernie doing the same, and soon enough, everybody is shooting at the zombies. Nobody is saying anything. They're just shooting.

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