This is Issue 34 of The Sewers.

Issue 34Edit

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” - Lewis Caroll

"So, Nique. Before the army, what did you do?" Hansi asks. Along with Nique, he is sitting by the base cars, drinking some of the beers that the survivors found on a supply run.
Nique sighs and takes a sip of his beer. "I was a high school teacher. Astronomy and french."
"So you speak french then?" Hansi asked, trying to get to know the black man.
"No, i was teacher in a language i did not understand." Nique says with sarcasm in his voice.
Hansi takes a deep breath to make sure he won't rage.
At this point, Bill, Noelle and Charlie Ingolph arrives.
"Hansi, we've got it all down at the drain. Andy and Brandon is remaking the fence." Noelle says softly as she drops the .22 Anshütz in the box containing weapons.
"Who the hell is this fuck?" Hansi says and jumps down from the car, causing him to drop his beer. With his finger in Charlie's face, Hansi takes up his Glock and cocks it.
"Cut it out, Hansi!" Ethan says, as he approaches the base cars, along with Timmy.
Hansi looks, with anger in his eyes, at Ethan and then lowers the Glock.
"Will he be a threat?" Hansi asks, trying to calm down.
"Not anymore than that son of a bitch." Bill murmus, referring to Nique.
"He's cool, Hansi. Just let me show him around." Ethan says and drops his rifle in the same box as Noelle dropped her's.

On the way back to the sewers, Hunter, Cole and Liam is talking with Neil and Lillian.
"Where's Ying-Ma?" Hunter simply asks as they are walking.
"Well... She kinda didn't make it." Neil says and looks down. Lillian pats him softly on the hand.
"So... She's dead?" Cole asks.
"More like undead. It was too later for her. Oh, god, it was all my fault." Neil says and takes a deep breath.
"No, it wasn't." Hunter says to comfort Neil. "Oh, holy crap!" The country dude, Alan, shouts from the front of the group. "We better get moving!"
As Liam looks, he sees what Alan means: A herd approaching.

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