This is Issue 33 of The Sewers.

Issue 33Edit

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.” - Unknown

"They're all dead?" The rusty voice, half shouts, half coughs.
Andy's group, the one who is at the construction site over the drain, has been shooting for a few minutes now, but now they finally stopped.
"Who's there?" Andy shouts back. Refusing to add any more people to the group, his gun is raised, aimed at the container from which the voice is coming from.
"I mean no harm!" The voice shouts. "Can i come out?"
Andy looks at Bill and Timmy and whispers, so that the man can't hear him: "You two get in there and turn on the crane. We'll load everything on a pallet."
That is the plan; get a lot of building materials, tools, supplies and medicin, and get it into the sewer through the drain, using the huge yellow crane.
As Bill and Timmy walks into the construction site, Andy shouts: "You alone?"
"Yes. Can't you just tell me whether is safe to get out or not?" The man shouts from the blue container. Bill and Timmy is climbing the crane; at least 30 meters up to the cabinet.
"You can come out." Andy says and cocks his pistol. An old, presumably former homeless, man walks out from the container with both of his hands raised. Andy shoots, but the man realizes what is going on and dodges. He then runs behind a stack of pallets.
"I mean no harm! Please!" The man shouts, exhausted and with adrenaline pumping through his body.
"He's cool, Andy." Noelle says and lays a hand on Andy's shoulder. Andy looks Noelle in the eyes for a moment before lowering the gun.
"Okay, mister. Get out here. You're gonna help us." Andy shouts.
Slowly and carefully the man appears. "Thank you, brother."
Andy spits on the ground, and then walks through the gate and into the construction site. "I'm not your brother."

After loading five pallets with building materials, supplies, tools and medicin, Andy, Ethan and the new man, who's name is Charlie Ingolph, heads back to the sewer to remove the chicken fence, blocking the drain.
"Alright, Ethan. Tell them we're ready."

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