This is Issue 32 of The Sewers.

Issue 32[edit | edit source]

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security” - Benjamin Franklin

"Hold it!" The longhaired country dude in his early 20's cries out. Hunter, Liam, Cole and Bernie just arrived to Pennystown Military Camp, and is now threaten by a resident of the camp.
"Alan, it's me!" Bernie says loud, not shouting, just talking loud.
The country dude looks wondering at Bernie for a second before saying: "Bernie? Crap, it's good to see you again. Where's the rest?" The young man, named Alan, disappears for a moment and then the gate till the camp opens.
"They...Dead." Bernie says as he follows Alan inside the quiet camp. He looks worried, wondering around. "Where's everybody?"
Hunter looks at Liam and Cole, who both have their weapons ready, just in case.
"We got overrun. Three of us survived." Alan says and takes the four men across a courtyard, surrounded by military tents.
"That's... Terrible..." Bernie stutters and looks around; everything looks normal, except the point that there is nobody.
"Aren't you interested in knowing who we are?" Hunter asks as Alan heads to a tent.
Alan smiles. "I already know." He says and walks into the tent. As Hunter, Liam, Cole and Bernie walks in, they see two men they don't know, and then they see Seth, Neil, Lillian, Nina and Ringo.
"You guys are alive?" Cole says as Neil gets up to hug Cole. The others follows.
"Indeed we are." Ringo says and stands up, and then gives a mean look to Bernie. "Hello, Bernie."
Ringo lived at the Military Camp for a while before escaping, so he knew Bernie.
"He's okay." Hunter says and nods.

As everybody is gathered around the table, Hunter introduces himself for the three new men; The country dude Alan, the custodian Wolfgang, and the IT-guy Wayne.
"I'm Hunter, the leader of this group living down in the sewers. We're safe down there, and we're working on making some kind of homes; making walls so that everybody has their own private room." He explains.
"Would you mind some company?" The grey haired german-american asks.
"Not at all. Actually y'all welcome." Hunter says and smiles.
"Then let's go." Wolfgang says and gets up.

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