This is Issue 31 of The Sewers.

Issue 31Edit

“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” - Unknown

"Tell me why we're doing this again?" Along with Hunter, Cole and Bernie, Liam is going to the Pennystown Military Camp to see if Neil's group will be there.
"We're looking for the people who left." Hunter says with the .357 S&W raised and ready to shoot if anything will show.
They have walked for an hour and is almost out of Pennystown without metting one single zombie.
"How far again?" Hunter asks and takes a quick glimpse at Bernie, who nervously is looking over his shoulder all the time, a .22 Match pistol in his hand.
"How far?" Bernie asks confused. "5 minutes i guess."

At the construction site, with fence surrounding it, zombies is everywhere. Almost like something is attracting them.
"What do we do now?" Bill asks, crossbow in his hand, looking at the crane that they used in the beginning of the outbreak to get the cars down in the sewers.
"We kill as many we can from this spot." Andy says and aims the Anshütz at the nearest zombie. He shoots, and the zombie dies. Everybody begins to do this.

In the sewer, Nia is sitting, not speaking, not drinking, not eating. Just looking at the dry blood from her parents.
"Nia, honey?" Lisa says and approaches her, a bowl with beans in her hands. She sits down on the concrete next to Nia.
"I'm so sorry for you." Lisa says and places the bowl in front of Nia, and then gives her a hug.
"Lisa, you have always been kind towards me." Nia says quiet and looks at Lisa with red eyes. "Why?"
Lisa smiles and removes a tear from Nia's face. "Everybody has their favorites."
"Why are we doing all this?" Nia asks immediately after Lisa's answer. "We're going to die soon. Just like Brad and Torben. Just like my parents."
Surprised, Lisa answers: "Because we can do this."

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