This is Issue 30 of The Sewers.

Issue 30[edit | edit source]

“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” - Winston Churchil

"So what's the plan then?" Andy asks as he is headed to the cars, which Bernie and Nique is sitting next to. Along with Hunter and Hansi they are gonna let them join the group if they are willing to cooperate.
"We're splitting up. One group goes to the Military Camp." Hunter explains and takes up his knife as they're approaching the two captured men. "The other group goes to the construction site to get materials to make walls, bridges and such down here. The last group stays here."
Andy nods and takes up his own knife.
"What are you doing to us? We're good people." Bernie says nervously as the three men approaches.
Hunter kneels down next to Nique who closes his eyes and prays. As Hunter places the knife next to Nique's throat, a silent tear is shown on his face.
Andy does the same with Bernie.
"You two listen now!" Hunter says quiet. "We're gonna let you free, but you're not trying anything, okay?" Hunter removes the knife from Nique's throat and unlocks his handcuffs. Andy does the same.
"You're not killing us?" Bernie says, adrenaline pumping.
"No, we're not." Hunter places the knife in his belt. "Bernie, you're guiding us to the Military Camp, okay?"
Bernie nods. "Yes... Of course."

With everybody gathered by the base cars, the three groups is getting made.
"I am going with Bernie to the Military Camp. I'd prefer if Liam and Cole would join us." Hunter says, looking at Liam, who nods.
"I'm taking a group to the construction site, getting materials to make this something that'll remind of our home." Andy introduces his group. "We'll need as many people as possible to do this, so how about everybody else, but Hansi, Nia, Lisa and Nique?"
Nique sighs but nods. Hansi had made this deal with Hunter and Andy so he is cool with staying, taking care of Nia.
"So everybody's cool with this?" Hunter asks and looks at the 14 survivors. Nobody says anything. "Let's do this."

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