This is Issue 29 of The Sewers.

Issue 29[edit | edit source]

"The harder they come, the harder they fall." - Willie Nelson

"Y'all gonna pay for this!" The teenage boy shouts as he loads the crossbow. Sam is laying on the ground, chin broke, missing half his teeth, several wounds.
"You can't kill us!" Bernie begs and looks at Bill with a worried face.
"We won't kill you two." A female voice says; Lisa is standing next to Nia, comforting her, while looking at Bill torturing Sam.
"Gonna kill me, huh?" Sam says with tears running, face full of blood and sweat.
"You shot Torben, right?" Lisa says cold. Everybody, but Bill, Lisa and Nia is burring Torben just outside the drain.
"It was not on purpose. I'm sorry." Sam says, his chin hurting as he talks.
Bill aims the crossbow at Sam's forehead and before killing him, he says: "You better be."

Everybody else is standing outside, taking shifts on digging and keeping watch.
Currently Brandon, Hunter, Liam and Hansi is digging, while everybody else is keeping watch for zombies.
"Hey, kid." Hansi says, referring to Timmy. "Could you be kind and get some water for us?"
Timmy sighs. Not because he has to get water, but because Hansi keeps calling him a kid. Timmy comes back with: "Sure thing, mister. It must be hard digging a hole with only one ear."
Hansi just gives Timmy a mean look, as Timmy goes to get water.
"You're okay, Brandon?" Liam asks. Brandon and Torben seemed to had a good relationship before he died.
"What? Um... Yes i guess." Brandon murmurs as he continues to dig. "It's just... sad and stuff."
Liam nods. "Yea, it is."

At the burial everybody, but Bernie and Nique, is mourning over the loss of Torben and Diane.
At the end of the ceremony, Hunter says: "I'm taking a group to the military base. We're letting Bernie and Nique free, but keep an eye out."

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