This is Issue 28 of The Sewers.

Issue 28Edit

“The best way to waste your life, ... is by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is to just watch. Look for the details. Report. Don't participate.” - Chuck Palahniuk

"He is burning up." Is the words describing Torben's condition. With several gun wounds in the stomach, chest and legs, Torben is lucky to still be alive.
"Please..." Torben coughs as Lisa pours hot water on Torben's wounds. "Please don't just drop my corpse in the water like you did with the Tuckers."
Lisa looks at Hunter, who is standing talking to Bill and Timmy. She then turns around and cries; Torben was both Hunter's and Lisa's boss before the apocalypse, as the leader of Pennystown Supplies. Because of this, Lisa and Torben has always been close, so seeing Torben like this, is making Lisa sad.
"Don't cry." Torben says with weak voice, as Ethan and Andy walks towards him; Andy's gun wound barely hit him so he is okay.
"How can't i?" Lisa mobs and removes her tears, to hide them from Ethan and Andy.
"It's just me. You can do this without me." Torben says and manages a smile, followed by bloody coughs.
"You're not dying, Torben." Andy says and kneels next to him. Torben looks at Andy for a few moments before saying: "Can't you just do it? I can't take this much longer."
Everybody now turns around, looking at Torben.
"No. No way, man." Cole says and stands up. "You're gonna be okay."
"Yea, we can't just kill people because they've got a scratch." Liam supports Cole.
Ethan looks at Cole and then at Torben. He hangs down his head and sighs.
"It might... Be the right thing to do." Ethan says quiet.
"I'm sorry?" Cole approaches Ethan. "How can it be right to kill another man?"
"He's suffering, and what if he dies while we're sleeping. He will turn, and end up killing us all." Ethan says, and looks around. "Somebody has to do this."
Torben closes his eyes.
"I wan't y'all to know that i'm grateful for the time i got to live. Thank y'all." He says and takes a deep breath. "I'm ready."
There is silence in the sewer as Andy cocks the 9mm. A shot can be heard, followed by silent cries.

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