This is Issue 27 of The Sewers.

Issue 27Edit

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?” - Chuck Palahniuk

"You fucker!" The punch hits Sam's face like a hammer on a hot piece of metal. The handcuffed Sam spits and a small amount of blood lands on the concrete of the Sewer.
Sam, Bernie and Nique is currently all handcuffed while the group decides what to do with them; Andy, Hansi and Torben is all wounded; Andy got shot in the shoulder, Hansi lost his earlobe while Torben is fatally wounded.
"P-please." Bernie begs. His old-looking face and short grey hair is soaked in sweat.
Only Sam has been punched, as the group wanted to know everything about their military base; supplies, weapons, eventual other survivors.
"Shut up!" Bill says. His hand wrapped in a piece of clothes, and the crossbow in his other hand. Timmy is sitting, comforting Nia, near the cars far away from the drain; a few meters from where Bill is punching Sam.
"We don't want any trouble. Please." Bernie says. The black short-haired man, Nique, just has closed eyes and is apparently praying.
"Hell you don't." Bill says and approaches Bernie. He aims the crossbow at Bernie's forehead. "If Torben dies, i won't hesitate in shooting y'all!"
"Give it a rest, Bill." Timmy says, hugging the crying Nia. For a whole day, Nia has not eaten anything; she has just been sitting, crying.
"Listen... We're not enemies. We didn't like Alfred any more than you did." Bernie says, Nique still praying.
"Why the fuck did you do as he said then?" Bill asks, furious as never seen before. He removes the crossbow from Bernie's forehead and lays it on the ground. He punches Sam once before looking at Bernie again.
"He... We was forced to. We were all officers before... Before this happened. Everybody else is still at the military base." Bernie says, calming down as Bill calms down to.
"Shut up, Bernie." Sam coughs and spits.
Timmy now gets up and approaches Bernie.
"There's more survivors?" Timmy asks, his mind begins to race.
"Yes. At least ten others." Bernie says, Nique opens his eyes. Sam spits again.
"Shut the fuck up, fuckhead!" Sam says. Timmy kicks him in the head, causing him to black out and break his chin.
"Can you take us there?" Timmy asks. Bill looks wondering at Timmy; wouldn't it make the most sense to stay away from them?
"Timmy, why would we..." Bill begins, but is interrupted by Timmy.
"The others who left, might have stumbled upon their group." Timmy explains. Bill takes up his crossbow, nods and walks over a plank, to the other side of the sewer, and heads to the group of survivors, taking care of Andy, Hansi and Torben.

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