This is Issue 26 of The Sewers.

Issue 26[edit | edit source]

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.” - Tom Krause

"What the fuck do we do?" One of Alfred's men, Bernie shouts, hiding behind a wall while reloading.
"We shoot! We have fucking machine guns. Use them!" Alfred says and tries to get a clear shot to Brandon, who is laying on the walkway, trying to get rid of the rope.
"Brandon!" Andy says. He just moved through a car to help Brandon, who now is free and moving into the sewers.
"Fuck this." Alfred says and shoots Andy in the shoulder. Andy falls, and gets only back into the sewer thanks to Brandon.

In the sewer, Bill and Nia is crying, kneeling next to their mothers corpse. In three days they've lost both of their parents.
Bill drys his eyes, and looks around. Everybody is firing. A few people is laying down; shot or just hiding. Bill don't really care.
He stands up and heads towards Hunter's tent, containing all weapons. As he takes everything and puts it in the duffelbag, he takes a crossbow and a few arrows for himself, and moves back. He hides behind the same car as Hunter, Timmy and Hansi.
"Oh, thank you." Hansi says, moaning as he has got his earlobe shot off.
Hansi takes a box of .22 rounds and reloads his Match gun.
Bill stands up and aims the crossbow, which was reloaded when he took it, and aims at the wall, behind which Alfred and Bernie is hiding.
"You surrender yet?!" Alfred shouts and appears, his gun aiming at Bill, who gets to shoot first, hitting Alfred just between the eyes.
"Way to go, man!" Timmy says and gives Bill a high five. Bill returns the high five emotionless.
"We shouldn't throw a party yet. There's still three more." Hansi says and looks around; on the concrete is laying Andy and the corpse of Diane, closest to him. On the other side he spots Torben laying with several gun wounds.
"We have to get this done!" Hunter says and stands up. "You can all surrender! We are willingly to let y'all join us!" Hunter shouts to the last three members of Alfred's gang; Sam, Bernie and Nique.

Sam and Nique is hiding underneath the walkway, a few meters from the lake's shore.
"That makes sense." Sam says with a rough voice.
"I hated Alfred anyway." Nique says and walks up on the walkway. "Okay. We're unarmed." He says as he drops his gun, and raises his hands. "We're joining you."

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