This is Issue 24 of The Sewers.

Issue 24[edit | edit source]

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." - Lewis Caroll

"We should had left, man." Cole says nervously as is sitting on one of the cars at the drain, Liam on the car next to him.
"We can do this..." Liam murmurs, holding the .22 Anshütz.
"When they come back... Do we just shoot them until they're all dead?" Cole says, sceptic, looking at Liam. Apparently he does now dare to look on the highway, fearing that Alfred and his group might return.
It has been two days so they can be here any moment.
"Liam! Cole! Get your asses down here!" Hansi shouts from the base cars. Cole sighs and looks at Liam.
"Here we go." Cole says and jumps down of the car, Liam follows.

At the base cars, Hansi and Andy is standing with an empty box, that once contained canned beans and corn.
"Somebody has been stealing our fucking supplies!" Hansi says, his face is all read, as he is biting his lip.
"What? How can you be sure?" Cole asks and looks around. Nobody at the camp would do something like that. At least, that is what everybody thinks.
"Yesterday this box was full. Now it's empty. Does that make sense?" Hansi says in a sarcastic tone.
Cole backs up and sits down next to Torben.
"Why would anybody do that?" Ethan says. "We all share the supplies."
Andy looks at all the people in the group.
"You guys noticed that nobody has come yet? Why could that be? Maybe because somebody gave them supplies." Andy says. Everybody looks wondering at him. "Look around, folks. Brandon is fucking missing!"

Same evening, nobody has come, Ethan and Andy is keeping watch.
"What's with you and Noelle?" Ethan asks; his mind is racing with thoughts; why would Brandon join Alfred? To get rid of those thoughts for a moment, Ethan decides to talk about something else.
"What do ya mean?" Andy answers, trying to sound wondering.
"I mean you two have chemistry. Why don't you get something started with her?" Even though Ethan is old, he really knows about relationships.
Andy looks at Ethan and smiles weakly.
"She doesn't care about me." Andy says and look out the drain.
"Hell she does. You just have to show her that you care for her." Ethan says and looks out the drain too; spotting what Andy already spotted: Alfred's group, including Brandon.

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