This is Issue 23 of The Sewers.

Issue 23Edit

"I was so ugly my mother used to feed me with a sling shot." - Rodney Dangerfield

"Frank! Oh, god!" Tucker's wife cries as she is laying over the corpse. Bill and Nia are also kneeling next to Tucker's lifeless corpse.
Everybody else is standing, scared, just looking at Tucker's corpse.
"What... The... Fuck!" Andy says as he walks towards the drain. "What the fuck?!"
"Easy, Andy." Hunter stutters. Also before the apocalypse, Hunter stuttered when he got nervous.
Andy turns around and faces Hunter. Andy's face is almost as red as Hansi's is usually.
"Easy? You're supposed to be the leader here. Now what do we do?" Andy takes up his gun an cocks it. As he aims it at Hunter, Hunter's wife, Lisa, punches Andy in the face.
"Stop it!" Lisa cries out, and hugs Hunter.
Laying on the ground, Andy sighs.
"I say we take the fight. We overpower them." Andy says and gets up.
"Holy crap. Somebody help!" Timmy cries out. Everybody looks at what Timmy is pointing at; a reanimated Tucker.
Andy quickly aims his pistol at the zombie, trying to eat Diane, but Andy drops the magasin.
Instead, Liam, who is standing next to the zombie and Diane, smashes his hammer into Tucker's head, causing him to again, die.

The group is now split in two; the people who wants to stay, and the people who leaves.
Liam, Cole and Noelle is saying goodbye to Ying-Maa, who leaves with Ringo; she wants to be with somebody who understands her.
"Tell her that we will miss her." Noelle says to Ringo, who translates it.
"She says thanks." Ringo says. "I'm sorry that i'm leaving but... I know those guys... Man, i hope you guys would leave with us."
"We can do this." Cole says and shakes Ringo's hand.
Ringo moves on to Liam; "See ya around, right?" Liam says and shakes Ringo's hand.
Ringo says goodbye to Noelle, and along with Ying-Maa, he heads to the other people leaving; Seth, Neil, Lillian, Nina. The rest is staying.
"Goodbye y'all." Neil says as he turns around to walk away from the camp.

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