This is Issue 21 of The Sewers.

Issue 21Edit

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself" - Wayne Dyer

"She asks what the zombies are." The korean mechanic says, translating what Ying-Ma is saying. Until now, the survivors had no clue what she said, but now where Ringo arrived, he can translate.
"Tell her we don't know." Liam says. Liam, Cole and Noelle is sitting on one of the four base cars. Both Ringo and Ying-Ma is sitting on lawn chairs, talking korean.
Ringo says something on korean, and so does Ying-Ma. Ringo looks surprised at Ying-Ma, lets out a dry giggle and then his smile fades. He then looks at Liam.
"What...What is it?" Liam stutters nervous.
"She says that she saw living people on the highway yesterday." Ringo says, very nervous. He is sweating, and unfocused.
"Seriously? What's so bad about that?" Cole asks and looks at the drain, where Timmy and Bill is going to keep watch. Even though Bill's father just beat up another man, Bill seemed to be cool and just ignore it.
"I might not... Have told you everything..." Ringo stutters. He looks in the ground. Noelle is listening quietly. Now and then, she looks at Andy who is standing, helping Seth with Neil. The two of them hadn't spoke since Andy came back.
"What do you mean?" Liam asks quiet, calm.
"Okay..." Ringo swallows hard. "We were, i don't know, thirty people at this military camp. Out leader was an ass. We were a group of rebels who tried to escape, but only me, Elbert and Bella made it out. They're probably looking for a safer base, and if they find this place... We're dead." Ringo says without breaks.
Liam, Cole and Noelle looks quiet at Ringo; Ying-Ma doesn't understand anything.

The friendship between Timmy and Bill seems to have grown. Timmy is now helping with stuff like keeping watch, repairing the fence by the drain, etc.
When Tucker beat up Neil, Timmy was just as crushed at Bill; Timmy and Tucker had a great relationship.
"Do you think your dad is gonna be good again?" Timmy asks, looking at a few zombies walking on the highway, visible through the drain.
"I don't know." Bill says, trying to say cool, though it's clear that he is crushed. "Probably... I hope so."
"Me too, man." Timmy keeps staring at the zombie. It's walking towards something, and after a few moments a shot is to be heard, and the zombie dies. Timmy looks at Bill. They both stand up and looks at five strong men walking towards the drain.

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