This is Issue 16 of The Sewers.

Issue 16Edit

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping" - Bo Derek

"You got water?" The mechanic asks, and throws some canned goods down in the basket. Outside Pennystown Supplies, Ringo found a car with keys in it. Everyone in Pennystown left their keys in their cars.
"Yep." Cole says. He fells very uncomfortable with being alone with these new guys. He doesn't now what they can be capable of.
"How do we get all this down in those sewers?" Ringo asks, and walks towards the cleaning section. They already has half the car filled with supplies, and they hasn't been in Ethan's house yet. At his house they would be able to find a few guns and tons of ammo. Ethan had alway his house filled with all kinds of ammo.
"Dunno. We used a crane to get the cars down in the beginning..." Cole says, constantly looking at the entrance, hoping Andy, Liam and Bill will return with Brad anytime soon.
"Can't we just do that again, then?" Ringo asks, and studies a bottle with some green liquid; used to clean bathrooms. He throws it in the basket and heads to the alcohol.
"We made some kinda fence... so no. I guess we just have to get through a manhole." Cole fills his basket and goes outside to get the stuff in the car. Outside, Elbert is standing and making sure no zombies approaches.
"I'll take over." Cole says and takes his rifle from the front seat of the car. Knowing that he won't shoot any zombies, Cole doesn't load the Anshütz.
Elbert heads inside with Cole's, now empty, basket.

Andy, Liam and Bill is trying to open the armory in the Police Office. With a crowbar, Andy makes a hole in the door and goes inside, followed by Bill. Liam is kneeling next to Brad's body.
"Sorry, man." Liam says after looking at the corpse a while. He then closes Brad's eyes, and walks toward the armory. "Anything useful in there?"
"Hell yea!" Andy's voice says. An arm appears in the hole of the door. It's Bill's, holding a shotgun. Liam takes it and lays it on the floor. This one is followed by another, and another, and another. This continues until they have nine shotguns, ten 9mm, two revolvers and a shitload of ammunition. At this point, a car honks outside. Each with a duffelbag, filled with guns, they go outside and sees car with Ringo driving. Cole, Elbert and Bella are standing next to the car with each their Beretta Silver Pigeon.
"Ready to get back?" Ringo says with a grin.

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