This is Issue 15 of The Sewers.

Issue 15Edit

"The well-run group is not a battlefield of egos." - Lao Tzu

"Bill and Liam go with me. Cole, take our saviors to Pennystown Supplies." Andy says sarcastic and swings his Tritan Hunter over his shoulder, before grabbing a Beretta 90 Two from the duffelbag.
"He's always like that?" Ringo asks, as he takes the duffelbag and heads to Pennystown Supplies.
"No, sometimes he's in bad mood." Cole says as he leads Ringo, Bella and Elbert towards the grocery store.

Andy, Liam and Bill head to the police office, where Brad worked before the apocalypse. A few zombies are walking around outside, a few trying to get in.
"He's in there." Andy whispers, and crouches towards the small white building. Bill and Liam follow him without questions.
Andy closes his eyes for a few moments. As he opens them he tells Bill and Liam to stay where they are, and shoot Brad if he comes out of the building. Liam refuses to shoot Brad, but Bill doesn't.
"Here we go." Andy says and raises the Beretta 90 Two and kicks in the door. "Bro! I'm home!"
Brad turns around. He is sitting with a medical kit, by a mirror, and stitching up himself. He sighs once but then gets on his feet. The Glock, laying next to some bandages, gets up in Brad's hand, aiming at Andy.
"Any last words, bro?" Andy says cold, his sight locked on Brad.
"Why would you kill me? I'm ya brother, man." Brad says, obviously nervous, scared.
"Remember that promise? Kill anyone again and i'll kill ya? Remember that?" A signle tear appears on Andy's face. "You killed out father, goddammit."
Brad lowers his gun slowly. "I did, didn't i?"
"I'm so sorry, brother... But these people... They need me. And they don't need you." Andy turns off the safety of the pistol.
"Love ya, Andy." Brad says and closes his eyes.
The first shot hits Brad's forehead. For a second, he is just standing there with closed eyes. The he drops the Glock. Then he falls down on his head. The next shot hits his bag; Andy empties the magasin on Brad. Half rage, half sadness.
"Love ya too, Brad." Andy says and picks up the Glock. "Love ya too."

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