This is Issue 13 of The Sewers.

Issue 13Edit

"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you." - B. B. King

"He probably went up here." The redneck says while aiming the flashlight at a manhole. Andy begins to climb the ladder and is soon out of the sewers.
"We can still turn around, Liam." Cole says nervously as Bill is climbing up the ladder.
"We can." Liam places his hands on the ladder. "But we won't."
As Liam climbs up the ladder, Cole is standing with the .22 Anshütz in his hands; only five bullets left. He swings it on his bag and climbs up the ladder, and closes the manhole after him.
The street where they currently are is empty; quiet. Apparently all zombies has chosen to go to the drain, luckily for the four survivors.
Andy cracks the barrel of the Tritan Hunter and inserts a pellet.
"What are you gonna do when you find him?" Cole asks and takes the rifle in his hands.
"What do you think?" Andy murmurs and walks toward a dead zombie. "This way."

After walking for 15 minute, following the dead zombies, Liam decides to ask Andy why he beat up Brad, and why Brad would shoot Ethan.
"None of yer business." Andy just responds.
"C'mon, Andy. Tell us." Cole says, as they walk by Pennystown Church.
Currently, they're walking on the street where Liam, Ethan and Cole lived before the apocalypse. Liam gets a short look on his abandoned house before looking back at Andy.
Andy sighs. "I... Our father had some kinda heart disease. He was suffering. Brad turned of those machines that kept him alive. I promised myself... If he'd ever kill anyone again i'd kill him." Pretending it is nothing, Andy heads towards the house where Brad lived; an old brick building with an overgrown front garden, and a red car outside.
"What... But why would..." Liam begins.
"None of yer fucking business!" Andy cuts him off, and opens the door to Brad's house.
"I should probably wait here." Bill says. "Make sure no zombies come."
"Yea, do that." Andy says and walks into the house with Liam and Cole right behind him. "Bro? You here?"
"Stop right there!" A voice says from behind them.

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