This is Issue 12 of The Sewers.

Issue 12Edit

"Camping is the nature's way of promoting the motel." Dave Barry

"It was a one time thing." The brown haired woman says. Andy gets out of his tent and looks Noelle in the eyes. Noelle's eyes are brown, like chestnuts; fresh chestnuts. When Noelle was a kid, she used to collet chestnuts and make small animals out of them using matches. Now the only chestnut to be seen is in her eyes.
"I can assure you," Andy says, still looking Noelle in the eyes. "yer right! I'as horny, and ya was the only available woman here." Andy removes his sight and goes into his tent. He throws a box of pellets, barely able to kill a pigeon, in his bag, followed by a couple of canned beans.
"Are you serious?" Noelle asks furious. Her voice is vibrating. Maybe because of her rage, maybe because she is outside the safe area.
"Indeed i am." Andy says. "Now leave me pack." Andy opens the last pellet box not in the bag. In this, there is no pellets, but instead a folded picture. He unfolds it, and three men is visible; Himself, Brad and an older man; possibly their father.
"Who is that?" Noelle asks softly. She had sneaked into the tent while Andy was distracted.
Andy turns around and hides the picture instantly. "Mind ya own business! Fuck off!"
Noelle looks at Andy for a few moments before turning around and heading back to the base cars.

"Why are we doing this?" Cole asks. He and Liam is gathering water bottles for the trip. Cole is not happy about leaving the sewer, but if Liam goes, he goes.
"How many zombies have you killed, Cole?" Liam asks and stops.
"Don't call them that, man. It's just sick people." Cole avoids eye contact with Liam.
"I do it to prove for myself that i am worth something. That i can help protect this group." Liam says. He turns around, leaving Cole thinking about it for a moment. Cole then runs up to Liam, who again stops next to the car in which Ethan is laying.
"Okay, man. I got it, but there's other ways to do it." Cole says, trying to convince Liam to stay.
"Yea, i know. But i wan't to do this." Liam knocks on the window. The old man waves to him, and Liam opens the car door. "How are you, mr. Nathan?"
"Please, just call me Ethan." Ethan says with a smile.
"Okay... Ethan. How are you?" Liam was used to call Ethan by his last name, but now where the world ended it doesn't really matter what people call each other.
"It hurts, but i'm gonna live." Ethan keeps smiling.
"Hey, dead meat!" Andy shouts. "We're leaving!"

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