This is Issue 1 of The Sewers.

Issue 1[edit | edit source]

"Life is like a sewer... What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it" - Tom Lehrer

It began with one man. Then another. Those two, each produces one zombie more. Then there were four. Then eight. Then sixteen. Soon, the whole Pennystown was gone; Dead. Later, America was dead. Soon enough, the world was gone.
Yet, a few people made it to safety moments before death. 21 humans made it to safety. 21 people managed to get food and water to safety. 21 people managed to barricade their safe room. Yet, 21 people's lifes sucked. 21 people lived in The Sewers.

"Could you hand over the water?" Liam asks, still with closed eyes. He is sitting, leaning, up the wall of the sewer, trying to get some sleep while the others secures the area. Liam is actually claustophobic, why he doesn't feel comfortable with living in the sewers under Pennystown. In the huge pipes, with water in the middle, a walkway made out of concrete on each side of the water. That's basically his home right now. Maybe 500 meters from where Liam is sitting right now. Somehow, Some of the other survivors managed to get a few cars down here. Liam tries not to think about how they did it, but it was probably through the drain near Boone Bay. Also near the drain, a few cars is used as barricades. And of course there's the five stationcars that the survivors is using as shelter.
"Whatever." The blonde woman, same age as Liam, sighs. Noelle Roberts is her name. Before the outbreak, Noelle worked at Pennystown Bar. As the zombies began to come, Noelle was working, pouring beer to the town's alcoholic, Seth. Noelle saved Seth, and met up with the Pruit Family just outside the bar. Soon enough they were 21 survivors, who all agreed to hide in the sewers till the military saved them.
Noelle throws a bottle of water to Liam, who, with closed eyes, catches the bottle. Noelle is sitting on the roof of one of the cars. Next to her is Ying-Maa sitting. A tourist who only speak korean. It's hard to understand her, but the survivors barely understands her. In the car, on which Noelle and Ying-Maa is sitting, the 9-year old child, Nina, is sleeping with her parents, Neil and Lillian. Neil and Lillian ran their own cafeteria before people started to eat each other. For along time, Neil had been sterilized, but as a miracle, the couple got the kid, Nina.
Liam opens his eyes. Due to the light, it's probably early in the morning. As he raises, Noelle looks tired at him. Without any words, Liam just nods and heads toward the drain.

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