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The Quick & The Dead is a Neo-Western, Post-Apocalyptic drama with hints of Dark Comedy, written by LOSTWD, told in a Episodic and Seasonal fashion.

Plot Edit

The story follows U.S Marshal, Colton "Colt" Black, born a hundred years late, having many 'Cowboy' qualities in him, always wanting to 'High-Noon' it rather than settle it in court -- as the world falls apart due to a strange new virus, awaking the dead into flesh-eating monsters, the ways of life in this new world start to mimic that of the Old West; lawlessness, gunslingers, building of civilizations, robberies and murders -- all amplified.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Timothy Olyphant as Colton "Colt" Black

Sam Elliot as Anson Sanders

Judi Dench as Beverly Amell

Zedd as Jonas D'Agosto

Danielle Panabaker as Nicola

Tom Hiddleston as Brett

Supporting Edit

Wyatt Russell as Hayden

Episodes Edit

The first season of The Quick & The Dead will have Six episodes.

1X01 - "Fast" - 2015

1x02 - TBA

1x03 - TBA

1x04 - TBA

1X05 - TBA

1X06 - TBA

Trivia Edit

  • Every Episode will have some kind of Easter Egg to something Western-related; sometimes it may even be the word count being the year a significant event happened in the West.
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