The Outsider
Volume 2, Part 6
Published November 23, 2012
Written by Juan Cardona
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Returning To A Dead City
Sooner Dead Than Alive

10 months have past since the group had left the save zone environtment and they have become a very strong group since they have found new survivors that have joined the group and new weapons like an M4A1, an M16, an AK-47, a M16A6, a Colt Law Enforcement Carbine assault rifle, 2 H&K MP5K and tons of melee weapons, they have been moving house to house throughout the city, Juan and his elite group entered an apartment and killed the walkers inside it, Billy (the cowboy guy) finds some canned food in the apartment´s kitchen, Juan takes the can of his hand and takes a look at the expire date and saw it was already bad so he furiously threw it outside the apartment window. the group began to began to settle down but Terry saw some walkers down in the parking lot of the building and told the group they had to leave, Megan (Billy´s twin sister) fins an axx outside the building and takes it and puts it in inside the car, the group gets in their vehicles and left the area, The group stopped at the woods and got out of their vehicles. Juan told Billy and Oriana get to watch while the rest of the group discussed where to go next, Juan told Owen they were almost out of options, Billy told Juan that he knew the area and that there were several farms in the area behind the woods and that they could stay at one of them at least temporarily, Tennese told Juan to check on the farms while the group explored the area to know if it was safe to stay in there, Juan sarcasticly told him "knock yourself out" Dylan told Juan and Owen to get going. Once they entered the woods they saw a huge owl on a tree branch, Dylan pierced him with an arrow killing him and brought it bag to the woods to cook it, he went back with Juan and Owen, they kept going and saw a farm and a house? with three survivors in it, all pointing with sniper rifles at them. The trio got out from the woods and told the other survivors to put their guns down, they asked for a reason why to do it and Juan told him they were out numbered, so they did as Juan said. Juan met Jimmy the eldest of the farm survivors but not older than Juan, Jimmy told Juan they were free to stay as long as he and his group needed, Juan thanked him and shaked hands.

Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Juan Cardona
  • Alexandra Quintero
  • Owen Mackenzie
  • Danny Alessandro
  • Gabriel Sandrea
  • Katherine Gonzales
  • Valery Muños
  • Tennese Douglas
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Francisco Pereira
  • Luis Garcias
  • Karen Blake
  • Alejandra Vallarino
  • Carla Ferguson
  • Yumico Miyamoto
  • Dylan Vickson
  • Billy Ocampo
  • Megan Ocampo
  • Andy Martinez
  • Oriana Esacalona
  • Terry Dougs
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