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This story is a spin-off of Apocalypse Life.


Vincent "Vinnie" Adalberto and Richard "Rick" Trombotta are the two bodyguards of Harold Burrough, a wealthy billionaire who owns a small estate. Due to his current mid-life crisis, Rick and Vinnie haven't actually been doing any sort of bodyguard work.


Few weeks before the apocalypse.

The StoryEdit

Part 1 - Why The Man's Nuts (May 21, 2013)
Harold continues to force Vinnie and Rick to fetch him some items, each completely far apart from each other.

Part 2 - The Sunbright (October 12, 2013)
Vinnie, longing for a break, tasks Rick with taking Harold to an unusual place. For their age, at least.

Part 3 - The Resort (TBA)
Harold treats his new "muse" to a vacation. Hamill has other thoughts.

Part 4 - The Newscast (TBA)
Things are not what they seem in the news...

Part 5 - The Change (TBA)
The estate struggles to cope with the recent events.

The CharactersEdit

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