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The End is a story by Dixonlovessquirrels with original and non-original characters.


Daniel was the owner of a very successful insurance company, but when the dead began walking, he changed into a whole new person. Literally.


Season 1

Episode Episode title Release Date
1 The Beginning 8th February
2 What Has Become 15th February
3 Three's Company 22nd February
4 The Holy Man 1st March


9th March
6 The Revelation

15th March

Season 2

Episode Episode title Release Date
7 Buried 5th April
8 Solitary 12th April
9 One of Us 19th April
10 The Cost of Living 26th April
11 Flashes Before Your Eyes 3rd May

Follow the Leader

10th May
13 S.O.S. 17th May

Season 3: The Final Season

Episode Episode title Release Date
14 The Beginning of The End 31st May
15 The Devil You Know 7th June
16 Time is on my Side 14th June
17 Sacrifice 21st June
18 Bad Blood 28th June

Moving On

4th July

The End

12th July


See The End: Characters

Trivia (Spoilers)Edit

  • As revealed in the finale of Season 1, this story serves as a prequel to Telltale Game's The Walking Dead, focusing on one of the antagonists, Danny St. John.
  • Originally, this story was only to last 1 season, 6 episodes, but was later expanded to develop Danny's character.
  • So far, 6 characters have appeared from The Walking Dead universe, these being; Danny St. John, Andy St. John, Brenda St. John , terry St. John, Mac, Jolene and Jeff Grimes, who is mentioned in the comic books to be Rick Grimes brother. The Save-Lot Bandits also play a major role in the story.
    • The main survivors from the game appear in the finale.
  • A spin-off, After The End, ties up all of the loose ends for the series.
  • Another spin-off, Sniper, written by WalkerMage102 is currently in development.


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